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Christmas lettering worksheet

Christmas lettering sheet.jpg

I have created a little Christmas lettering download for you to have a go at home (while we are stuck in Lockdown 2.0! Click the image left and download a pdf, print it off and slip it under a piece of paper and start tracing. Have a go with some pens or even paintbrushes. ​

Lemon Yellow Basic Strokes worksheets
for small brush pens

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at modern brush pen calligraphy,

but didn't know where to start?

Think your hand writing isn't "good enough" to do calligraphy?

(trust me you really don't need good handwriting to be great at calligraphy)

Not sure where to start? Well start here!

This workbook runs you through the basic strokes and then how to use the basic strokes to create the alphabet. All you need to do is practice and then practice some more! No really!

Get yourself really comfortable with the basics and the rest will fall into place.


Step one:

Click the image to the right to download the pdf of the six page workbook.


Step two:

Print out your workbook at full size. It can be double sided printing if you want to save paper.

Step three:

Grab your small brush pen and some tracing paper or layout paper place it over the worksheets and and let's get started.

Ah, hold on!

Not sure what a small brush pen is or what paper to use? I have put together a list of supplies here so you can get the right tools to give you the best start on your calligraphy journey.

Need a little more visual help?

I have a YouTube channel where you can watch a short video to go with the worksheet. Check it out to the right. Or click here to take you through to my channel. (Oh, and don't forget to subscribe!)

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