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Basic strokes

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

How to start your calligraphy journey on the right foot

The basic strokes are the backbone of modern calligraphy. If you can nail these you can form just about any letter or number from them. They are a great way of creating that muscle memory for your hand and I still practice them regularly. The bonus for them is that they are soothing to do. The repeated rhythm of the strokes are sometimes meditative. And I would always do them when trying out new pens or brushes to see how they behave.

Once you have mastered the basic strokes you can go on to customise them to your own style safe in the knowledge that your new style will be based on a solid foundation.

I have a free basic strokes worksheet that you can download here, and I encourage you to pick up a brush pen and have a go. Remember to take it slow and easy and practice, practice, practice.

I’ve even included a video for you to follow along (in case you prefer to watch instead of read instructions).

I’d love to see your progress - post your pictures on instagram and tag me @lemon_yellow_lettering


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