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Well hello january

So our new year hasn’t really got off to the best start. Lockdown 3.0 is upon us, the virus has mutated and become worse, but the upside is the vaccine is on roll out. Let’s hope it‘s administered as quickly as it can be and we can all start to get back to something resembling normal life.

But on a lighter note, I want to talk about my Christmas presents. Well one in particular. I have been following and lusting over @iuilewatercolours for a while now. Do check out her instagram account (warning you may be there for a while). Jeanie makes her own glitter/colourshift watercolours. Based in the USA, Jeanie regularly posts videos of her making the paints with the pigments. Fascinating.

So my mama very kindly bought me a set of @iuilewatercolours for Christmas. The Christmas set. They are half pans that come in a little metal tin. Each pan has a magnet on the bottom so they don’t roll around when you are mixing the paints. The set also came with three little mini testers which was a nice surprise.

As you can see there are so many lovely colours. They are so hard to photograph to actually get how beautifully they sparkle, but this is pretty close.

So the consistency of the watercolours is top grade, and just like normal pan watercolours you need to put water on them to start with a little bit before you want to start painting so the paint softens up.

I filmed a swatch of each colour for you to see.

So of course I needed to make a video of some artwork. Well Hello January. You know if it sparkly does it make January better?

I’ve also tried @iuilewatercolours with pointed nib and they work really well.

Thank you so much for my lovely Christmas present mama!

Emma x

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