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Upcycled trick or treat bag

So I tend to be a bit of hoarder when it come to paper bags. You know the ones that people give you very nice gifts in and the bag is as nice as the gift? Well I just can’t let go of these and consequently I tend to have plenty to choose from. This was a MAC cosmetics bag that came with a purchase of a lipstick I seem to remember. Well the bag was great quality and I couldn’t just throw it away ”it may come in useful sometime” says my inner hoarder voice!

See how lovely and black it is? Just begging to be made into something more exciting. Well with Halloween just round the corner I thought I would upgrade this very lovely bag to something special for a little treat for someone.

First off to hide the MAC logo (sorry MAC).

Orange craft paper was going to be the only way that anything was going to show up on the black paper and have some sort of colour. Write your phrase on the card, cut it out in random-ish shapes and stick on with glue.

I had to sharpie in just a little bit of the white MAC logo as it was sticking out from behind the orange card.

Then embellished with a white Posca chalk pen to add some spider webs and voila!

Quite pleased with the finished result and what a way to upscale an old paper bag. Now do I put a treat in there or a trick?

Emma x

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