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Seven Sunday Snippets

Hello! How are you? This Sunday I would like to focus on, not just what I have been enjoying, but also the bigger picture. As I write America has a new president, and we are now into our second lockdown along with a lot of Europe. I want to share a few things that have helped me through this week.

Firstly I want to support local businesses that aren’t allowed to open during the current lockdown. One of which is the very beautiful shop Sea Sky Gallery. This lovely shop owned by Susie and Debbie have a well curated selection of gifts, cards and art. Although they can’t open their physical doors, their online shop is very much up and running and is ready for your orders. Susie and Debbie are offering FREE delivery to local addresses within 3 miles, click and collect or just the regular postal system.

There are many Trump related memes going round now. My favourite has to be the twitter one from Jeremy Vine. Scroll down until you get to it. It’s hilarious.

With my head feeling a little all over the place this week, I tried to focus a bit on the big C. Yes Christmas is just over 7 weeks away!! You know that it will come at you quickly, so I have created a little practice calligraphy sheet for you to try at home.

It’s my brother and sister in laws wedding anniversary this month. We had planned to see them at Easter this year, but because of Lockdown 1.0 we had to cancel our trip to Ireland. But I did make them a card, the practice is the picture at the top, I’m all heart

I think I need to make these, the Handy Husband is a total chocoholic and I’m sure would love them.

And I would quite like to read this.

I have become slightly obsessed with metallic and colourshift watercolours. There are a few makers around, but one in particular Iuile Watercolour has the most amazing watercolours. I‘m hoping that Santa will drop some down the chimney for me.

Stay well and safe.

Emma x

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