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Seven Sunday snippets

Just some things I’ve been interested in over the last week.

Vision and Art - the biology of seeing By Margaret Livingstone - Some mind blowing and eye opening information about how we see, the mechanics of our eyes and how this affects how we see art.

I’ve been following Michael Moodie on Instagram for a while now and his work is just so inspiring.

The Great British Bake Off is back - the second show was just as amazing as the first. I am a HUGE fan of BBO and always try at least one of the recipies from this weeks show - just because. This week I made florentines and although they didn’t quite have the snap that Paul Hollywood was looking for they were still delicious. Perhaps I just need more practice.

Becca Courtice (The Happy Ever Crafter) started her famous basic strokes online workshop for this year. I signed up for her workshop a few years ago and was well and truly bitten by the calligraphy bug. I highly recommend you give it a go. It’s Free!! What’s to loose?

I ordered some new watercolour brushes from Cult Pens. The KUM® Memory Point® brushes in sizes 4, 6 & 8. So far they are very nice to work with and have a good spring and resistance to the tip. I like them!

As a long time reader of Living Etc, I was interested to see their take on how to create a gallery wall. Sound advice me thinks.

Trying to stop the shaking hands with this.

Have a great week. Keep practicing those basic strokes.


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