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Hidden agenda reveal

I was approached by Hidden Agenda Lingerie who has a bijoux lingerie shop on Botley high street. Her windows were feeling the need of a refresh and she wanted something floral and more bespoke To enhance the front of the shop. I also illustrated some interior windows and an internal door with the same design.

With the mannequins arranged at different heights I used a fine line frame around them to set the basis of the design. The flowers are hand drawn with a white oil based sharpie pen and then painted with acrylic paint in the colours of Hidden Agenda logo. The leaves in the design were painted with a gold acrylic and really catch the light giving the design a pop.

Of course the opening times and contact details needed to be on the window, and the best place for these was in the corner. Again written with oil based Sharpie on the inside of the window. (Yes I did have to write it backwards!)

This was a lovely job to do for a lovely client. Emma x

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